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Toys of Merritt

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    • 7" Race Cars Playball

      7" Race Cars Playball

      Heavy duty, brightly-colored textured ball is great for indoor or outdoor play. Ball is 7" diameter. Made of rubber and contains no PVC, latex or vinyl. Crocodile Creek products conform to all of the appropriate safety standards.


    • Antworks Rainbow Ants

      Antworks Rainbow Ants

      Pour the five different colored sands (included) into your habitat using your own artistic design. Then add your ants and see them transform your design into their own creative patterns. Watch as your ants create fascinating color mosaics!


    • Bake & Decorate Cupcake Set

      Be sure your little chef uses the oven mitt to move these glorious wooden cupcakes in their wooden baking sheet! This amazing set has special wipe-off cupcake tops and 4 dry erase markers in the shape of icing tubes. With durable cardboard baking cups, decorative wooden candles and “flames”, here are the low-calorie cupcakes for the best birthday or tea party ever!


    • Bananagrams


      Bananagrams is a fast, portable word game that requires no board, paper, pencil or timer. A yellow banana shaped cloth pouch contains 144 Ivory-like letter tiles. Players race to complete their own crossword grid. For 2 – 8 players, ages 7 + Bananagrams works well with children playing with adults, which makes it an excellent family game. As Educational as it is Fun. The Multi-Award winning word game was voted "Game of the Year, 2009" by the Toy Industry Association.


      My family loves to play and we leave it out on the table.

    • Beginner Band Set

      Beginner Band Set

      Got music? Everything needed for a solo performance or to form a marching band. Features a xylophone, a kazoo, castanets, a harmonica and a jingle stick in a wooden crate! Ideal for involving preschoolers in the musical experience.


    • Bella Butterfly Bubble Set

      Bella Butterfly Bubble Set

      Hearts, butterflies and bubbles are an irresistible combination for little girls (of all ages)! Eight ounces of superior-quality bubble solution may be used with the beautiful 7” butterfly wand or with the classic bubble wand.


    • Bella Butterfly Hopscotch

      Bella Butterfly Hopscotch

      Bright colors plus fun graphics add up to the hoppin' good times with these 8 interlocking durable, easy-clean foam pieces, 2 markers and durable carry case. Comes with complete game instructions.


    • Blaze Firefly Flashlight

      Blaze Firefly Flashlight

      Long after the sun has set, Blaze Firefly will light the path to adventure. Enhanced with bold colors, this sturdy flashlight will lead the way for your young explorer!


    • Fold & Go Castle

      Fold & Go Castle

      It's easy to man the battlements in this compact, decorative wooden castle! The king and queen have thrones and a royal bed, and two knights with horses to defend them and their treasure chest. The castle includes a working drawbridge, a dungeon and a handle for portable adventures!


      I still have my wooden castle from my childhood. A must for every child.

    • Gleeful Garden Wooden Bead Set

      Gleeful Garden Wooden Bead Set

      The colors of spring decorate the flowers, butterflies and other fun-shaped beads in this set. More than 150 wooden beads, to design sunny, jewelry creations for hours. Handy wooden storage tray with compartments, keeps the beads and colorful stringing cords neat and organized.


    • Happy Giddy Binoculars

      Happy Giddy Binoculars

      Imagine the thrill when first looking through these child-friendly binoculars! Bring distant objects up close with these 4 x 25, adjustable field glasses and focus on our environment.


    • Happy Giddy Bowling Set

      Happy Giddy Bowling Set

      You'll have fun to "spare" playing with this "striking", brightly colored plastic bowling set! Six Happy Giddy bowling pins and a mini bowling ball pack lots of fun into the handy bowling bag with durable fabric handles. Set the Happy Giddy pins up in formation and you're ready for a perfect game.


    • Happy Giddy Tunnel

      Happy Giddy Tunnel

      Active kids will enjoy crawling through this Happy Giddy striped tunnel. Made of durable materials, it sets up quickly and folds easily for convenient storage.


    • High Sea Symphony

      High Sea Symphony

      Your toddler will enjoy creating sound and rhythm.  Introduce your young child early to the international language of music.  Shake the seahorse, clack the clams, jingle the octopus and rattle the crab.  Four friendly, easy-grasp wooden instruments promote fine motor, auditory and creative expression skills.


    • Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear - Plush

      Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear - Plush

      So lovable, it’s almost un”bearable”! This beautiful brown bear is over two feet in every dimension. With excellent quality construction, this fabulous bear features soft, furry fabric and has a classic teddy bear look. Soft and huggable, this timeless teddy will delight bear lovers of every age.


    • Lacing Beads in a Box

      Lacing Beads in a Box

      You can count on this wooden bead set to make a bold statement! The variety of these dramatic bead shapes, their bold colors and two extra-long laces make stringing beads extra special. Twenty-seven hand-painted beads feature 1 - 10 as numerals and as countable dots to add counting fun to this lacing activity.


    • Life Cycle Of A Frog Set

      Life Cycle Of A Frog Set

      Life Cycle Of A Frog Set--Replicas of some of the most amazing creatures in the world. Excellent learning tool to introduce young children to the often-endangered inhabitants of our planet. Educational information in five languages is included with each replica. All our products are hand-painted, phthalate-free and thoroughly safety tested. Replica size: 7" W x 8.75" H [17.75 x 22.2 cm]. Suggested age 3+


    • Noah's Ark Shape Sorter

      Noah's Ark Shape Sorter

      Camels and kangaroos, monkeys and alligators are among the charming chunky animal pieces to sort into this wooden ark. The two-story ark features flip-open doors, twenty-six animal blocks, plus Noah and his wife!


    • Picnic Basket Fill and Spill

      Picnic Basket Fill and Spill

      Here’s everything needed for a picnic (except the ants!). Remove and replace the four colorful picnic treats from a flip-top picnic basket. This soft play set features a wedge of watermelon, a bottled fruit drink, a take-apart sandwich and an ice cream cone. Constructed of high quality fabrics and phthalate-free plastic, this durable set will provide hours of pretend picnic fun!


    • Pirate Role Play Costume Set

      Pirate Role Play Costume Set

      Yo ho ho and a costume for fun! Every young pirate will be ready for adventures on the high seas with this dramatic role play outfit and accessories. The set includes a pirate hat, eye patch, and is completed by a jauntily-detailed, velvet vest that holds the durable foam sword


    • Plush Dachshund

      Plush Dachshund

      Here's a classic black and tan dachshund whose lifelike markings add to its realistic look. The excellent quality construction and attention to details extend from its stubby legs to its pointy snout. This dog is ready to fill your lap with love.


    • Plush Rainbow Stacker

      Plush Rainbow Stacker

      A spectrum of colors adorns this soft and safe stacking toy. This set includes five multi-textured pieces, each of which rattle, jingle, squeak or crinkle, plus a color-coded stacking post. All the pieces are constructed of high quality velour and corduroy for durability.


    • Quotis


      A beautiful compact wooden version of the classic deck game.

      Great for indoor and outdoor play!

      ( Size 25 x 25cm ) (10 x 10 inches)


    • Rubber Duck

      Rubber Duck

      Design and decorate this adorable rubber duck. When dry, this rubber duck will become your child's favorite tub toy. With the 8 pots of special paint and a paintbrush included, this kit is a wonderful craft activity. The completed rubber duck is great for pool or bathtub play!


    • Shape Sorting Cube

      Shape Sorting Cube

      The ultimate shape sorter!  Features 12 chunky, vibrantly colored shapes that make a satisfying ‘clink’ as they drop into the natural finished hardwood cube!  Then open the lid, take them out, and start all over again!



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